Starting Your First MMA Class - All you need to Know

Starting MMA Training - So you wanna fight a man in a steel cage?

Starting an MMA class is a big step and will likely change your life. Picking the best gym before you settle in to stay can is important and you don't want to rush it. Just about any MMA Gym will be full of action and sound. It will all be very impressive. As such, you are likely to sign at the first gym you visit. With no prior experience in fight training, you won't be as good at judging the relative quality of the gyms in your area.

Starting MMA can cause some anxiety. New classmates will champ at the bit some on the days leading up to their first mma class. Typically a first time MMA trainee will be unsure how to behave at the gym. We all want to know what is expected when starting something new - anxiety moving into any first-time experience is natural - even moreso with fighting.

At your first mma class, you probably won't know what to expect from the gym, either. To be honest, many gyms train differently, while certain constants seem to remain the same. First MMA Class online will help you with some of these issues, and provide a bit of humor for those of us that have been hanging around MMA gyms for a while now.

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Starting Your First MMA Class

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  • Our MMA Gym is Safe!

  • MMA Gym Hygiene

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  • Don't Be These Guys at MMA

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  • Boxing or Jiu-Jitsu or Both?

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  • Our MMA Gym is Safe!